SOS Marketing Call

45 minutes to get you through frustrating challenges

These are the calls that will help you get through some of the hair-pulling, panicky moments you might be experiencing in your business.

Or, it might be a challenge you've been facing that you can't see the solution for.

In either case, there's a lot we can cover in 45 minutes.

Web Presence Starter Pack

A four week online training program to align your business with your essence

Are you tired of following all the rules and getting next to zero results? Maybe your web presence needs an overhaul.

It might be time to kick-start your creative energy - the energy that made you want to start a business in the first place. This economical version of my one-on-one consulting program will give you access to videos that will guide you through worksheets to complete on your own time.

Once you finish the material, you'll get a 45 minute marketing call to clear up any creative blocks you have and keep you on the right track!

Web Presence Mastery Program

Get the most value out of your online presence with one-on-one consulting

Do you tell yourself repeatedly that you don't have what it takes to rock your image online? Are people constantly trying to give you advice on your website and social media presence?

This is a difficult position to be in, and a lonely path to walk if you can't get the support you need from your current network. But you ABSOLUTELY can still have an amazing web presence that you're proud of, that actually feels good for you.

No more quizzes or worksheets - we're going to do this face-to-face. Or video call if I'm far away from you. Let me look after the brainwork, dig out your story, teach you what you need to know, and fascinate you with the passion my process will bring back into your business.

A few words from my clients...

Cynthia’s insights and step-by-step process were the key to turning my vision into a reality. I spent months being overwhelmed by the task of putting my website together, and making it look the way I wanted. She really took on my project as it was her own, and pulled everything together with her creative energy and expertise. I am very pleased with her work, and refer back to her often for updates and additions.

Kim David
The Marketing Vine

Cynthia is fantastic to work with. I’ve been lucky enough to pick her brain frequently while growing my business and her advice, encouragement, and practical problem-solving have been invaluable. In the branding and marketing world, all sorts of people say all sorts of things, and it’s hard to know who can bring you real value. But trust me, real experience, ability and passion easily stands out against the rest. You'll know what I mean after sitting down with Cynthia for the first time.

Adam Hodnett
Folk Media Communications